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Our Services

     Rose Drug of Dardanelle is a full service pharmacy offering medications, immunizations, and a selection of over-the-counter items. We offer a warm & friendly atmosphere with an emphasis on patient care and great customer service.



  • We contact you doctor for refill authorizations

  • We initiate the prior authorization process between your doctor and insurance company for non-covered drugs

  • Hassle-free prescription transfers from your current pharmacy

  • We will accept requests for over-the-counter items and have them ready with you prescription order

  • We can special order many hard-to-find or unique products and have them in next day

  • We offer med synchronization to reduce trips and make you medications easier to take

  • We provide local delivery

  • We offer med reconciliation & medication therapy review

  • We have a selection of gifts & offer free gift wrapping


  • COVID-19 Vaccines

  • Flu Vaccines

  • Shingle Vaccines

  • We offer many of the current CDC recommended immunizations


  • Home Decor

  • Greeting Cards

  • Special Occastion Items

  • Seasonal Gifts

  • Candles

  • Sand Lizard Apparel

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